Dr. Nupur Trivedi, our recent and youngest addition, is the youngest dentist in our team. She is an extremely qualified Dental surgeon, having her graduate degree from one of the finest institutions in Gujarat. Her welcoming smile has made her a favourite among patients. Dr. Nupur genuinely enjoys working with patients, and her highlight is seeing them smile, or being able to make them laugh, often helping them forget they are sitting in a dental chair. Patients appreciate her gentle hands and customized treatment, tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

With her exceptional skills at hand, we have a very multi-talented dental surgeon in our team who has the patients comfort with ideal treatment and perfect guidance as her priority.

She has also been on an International Rotation with Himalayan Health Exchange and have had an adventurous experience of treating thousands of patients in April, 2017. She was the only dentist from India to have participated in such an expedition. Along with that she is a certified Basic Life Support provider, so one can rest assured that they are in extremely safe hands.

Dr. Nupur has an enthusiasm for learning new things. She loves to travel and likes to study the most about ongoing practices in dentistry whenever she gets the chance. She strongly believes in reciprocity: that we should always do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. This is a principle that she lives by.

She will be available for consulting from 11am - 6pm on all working days.

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